Hamilton Park Earns Spot in List of Best Nursing Homes of 2023

We are so proud to to have Hamilton Park’s efforts recognized on Newsweek’s list of “Best Nursing Homes of 2023.” Thank you to the entire Hamilton Park team for all of your hard work and dedication!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Here at The Allure Group, we take breast cancer awareness seriously. We are doing all that we can to educate our communities and motivate you to make your health a priority! This year our Linden Center celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month with staff selling snacks to raise money for breast cancer.

The Allure Group Halloween Celebrations

We had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween across our centers this year with both residents and staff joining in on the costume fun!

The Persistent Problem of Falls Among Seniors: What Can Be Done About It?

From our COO Melissa Powell this month in Senior Lifestyle Magazine, she writes,

The problem of falling among seniors cannot be overstated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older Americans suffer from 36 million falls each year, resulting in 32,000 deaths. That makes falls the leading cause of accidental death among seniors in the U.S.

Moreover, 20 percent of falls lead to injuries among those ages 65 and over, and some 3 million older adults require an emergency-room visit as a result of an injury suffered in a fall.

Click here to read her full piece.

Blue Carpet Farewells

We are overjoyed as always for this months Blue Carpet Farewells! We wish our departing patients well, and thank our amazing staff for their dedication and hard work.