Hamilton Park Birthday Celebrations with the NYPD Jazz Band

Joseph Vacchiano whose 101 Birthday is upcoming shortly was greeted by New York City Police Department Jazz Band during their performance for Hamilton Park Center residents. Joseph is a retired New York City Police officer from 1972.


Crown Heights Country Spirit Day

With each staff member representing the colors and patterns of their native countries, Crown Heights becomes a living mosaic, where cultures intertwine and embrace in a beautiful display of diversity. We had an absolute blast together, creating memories that will forever bring smiles to our faces! ğŸŒŽ

Linden Center Celebrates Father’s Day

Linden Center Residents enjoyed a wonderful Father’s Day Celebration!

Linden Center Juneteenth Celebrations

The staff at Linden Center celebrating Juneteenth together!

Entertainment at Linden Center

Residents enjoyed entertainment for Father’s Day and Juneteenth celebrations.