The Allure Group’s Activity Professional Week

As we celebrate Activity Professional Week, we want to share a special shoutout to our incredible Activities Directors: Yelena Gelfand, Esther Witkin, Janet Raguindin, Claudinalti Titus, Andrea Ortiz, and Sherice Myers! Thank you for bringing our residents laughter, joy, and fun moments through these creative activities.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we stand together to remember the millions whose lives were tragically lost. Let us pay tribute to the survivors, bear witness to the stories untold, and recommit ourselves to fostering a world of empathy, tolerance, and peace.

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Blue Carpet Farewell

Our blue carpet rolled out for a heartfelt goodbye to our cherished patients leaving Crown Heights Center. We wish them wellness on their journey ahead! Shout out to our incredible staff for their dedication and hard work to make a lasting impact. 💙

Resident’s Arts & Crafts

Residents at Linden Center had fun with some winter arts and crafts🎨

Karaoke Fun!

Linden Center Residents enjoyed singing their favorite songs during karaoke! 🎤🎶

4 Red Flags that You’re Not Holding People Accountable (and how to get it right)

In a recent article in Fast Company, Melissa Powell writes,

The business world talks a lot about accountability, but what are the tangible impacts of accountability within an organization? It’s a question that has intrigued executives, leaders, and employees for years.

The concept of accountability has grown to be more than just a buzzword —now, it’s a vital ingredient for organizational success….”

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How to Improve Nursing Culture With Advanced Health Care Technologies

In a recent article in Provider Magazine, Joel Landau writes,

The nursing shortage not only continues to place significant strain on health care facilities globally, but it also consistently presents some of the most prominent challenges impacting the patient care journey.

While addressing the nursing shortage remains a priority for organizations across the senior care industry, it is equally crucial to explore how advanced health care technologies can revolutionize nursing culture, creating a transformative and empowering environment for nurses...”

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Staying connected with your loved ones is one of the best things you can do for your mental wellbeing.

If you or someone you know would like to offer virtual entertainment to our residents in the form of music, dance or even painting classes, email us at and let us know!