Allure Gives Back

Our Annual Holiday Giving Season was in full swing last month as the dedicated Allure Group teams were out and about spreading kindness, support, and love.

We are so honored to have partnered with East New York United Concerned Citizens to help feed over 400 families in need!

Thank you to our dedicated staff and the talented TypoDuctions team for bringing this fabulous video to life.

Thank you to the following admins: Thara Cesar, Susan Rice, Abraham Tyberg, Naftali Yudkowsky, Nelissa Garces, and David Schoenblum.

Thank you to the following Directors of Nursing: Chen Oistecher, Jayshree Singh (LC), Allan Campos (BC), Irish Flor (KDC), Vanessa Dorsainvil (CHC), Hazel (HC).

Thanks also to the following: Melissa Powell, Faina Kaganov, Sofia Yakubova, Paul Richards, Yitz Twersky, Yehuda Sussman, Jerry Zanziper and Matthew Fenley.

We wouldn’t be who we are today without all of you!

The Allure Group Wishes You A Happy New Year!

2023 is here and we are looking forward to a wonderful new year at The Allure Group.

As we enter the new year, we wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our staff for all of the incredible work you’ve done for us over the years!

The Rise of the Internet of Medical Things

In a recent article in Healthcare Business Today, Melissa Powell writes,

As great as the impact the Internet of Things is expected to make in other sectors, it can potentially be even greater in the healthcare space. Hailed as a means to improve decision-making and workflows, the IoT can accelerate the trend toward interoperability, which has long been an overarching concern for those in the medical field…”

Click here to read the full article.

National Blood Donor Month

It is National Blood Donor Month and in honor we are encouraging you to do your part to help save lives and donate blood today!

Blue Carpet Farewells

We are overjoyed as always for this months Blue Carpet Farewells! We wish our departing patients well, and thank our amazing staff for their dedication and hard work.

Staying Connected

Staying connected with your loved ones is one of the best things you can do for your mental wellbeing.

If you or someone you know would like to offer entertainment to our residents in the form of music, dance or even painting classes, reply to this email and let us know!