Vaccine Roll Outs Continue Across Our Centers

Thanks to our partners at Walgreens and CVS, vaccine roll outs are continuing across all six of our facilities for our staff, team members and residents. Everyone is excited to get one step closer to a safer, healthier community!

Congratulations to Linden + Bedford Centers!

A huge congratulations to all of our hard working staff at our Linden Center who received an annual deficiency free survey for 2020. We want to thank each and every one of you for everything that you!

Messages In Motion Program 

The Allure Group knows how important it is to be connected to your loved ones, especially over the last year where the governor required that we close visitation privileges to keep our residents, families and staff safe. Our team is always striving to come up with new and innovative ways to bridge the gap between our residents and the outside world. With that in mind, we are proud of our program, Messages In Motion.

Messages In Motion enables family and friends to send videos and photos to their loved ones via their bedside PadInMotion tablet, which have long been available at all 1,500 bedsides in Allure’s six facilities. Residents are now able to receive and enjoy your messages, family photos and much more!

Bedford Center “Art from the Heart” Contest Winner 

We are very proud of Bedford Center resident, Mr. Melvin Torres-Jimenez, on being selected as a winner of the Art from the Heart contest! The Foundation for Quality Care has been supporting the Annual “Art from the Heart” program for 15 years. This program is designed to spotlight the artists who live in NYSHFA | NYSCAL Member facilities.

Melvin Torres-Jimenez is one of thirteen winners who had their vision translated from their hearts and minds into a winning entry.

He is now featured in a 2020 calendar, “Art from the Heart!”

January blue carpet farewells

We are overjoyed to share our January Blue Carpet Farewells! We wish our departing patients well, and thank our amazing staff for their dedication and hard work.