Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸

Hamilton Park Center celebrated Memorial Day by honoring those who have served along with some delicious food.

Allure’s Matthew Fenley at LTC 100 

Thank you to LTC 100 for inviting Allure’s Matthew Fenley to speak this year on how AI can be utilized in the long-term care space.

🩺 Nurses Week Celebrations 🥼

All of the centers did a fabulous job celebrating their nursing staff during nurse’s week in May! Nurses enjoyed a special luncheon, a spa day, and an ice cream truck. Thank you to recreation and administration for orchestrating these events, and a BIG thank you to our nurses who do an outstanding job of upholding our company’s values! We Appreciate you!

💐 Mother’s Day Celebrations 💐

Residents and staff celebrated Mother’s Day with some flowers💐, cake 🍰, custom cards 💌, manicures 💅, and a fashion show👒! 🩷

Cinco De Mayo Celebrations

Linden Center residents and staff enjoyed some Cinco De Mayo entertainment and celebrations!

Blue Carpet Farewell

Celebrating resident Celeste Davis, who had completed her rehab! Staff threw confetti, played the song of Celeste’s choice, and provided a certificate of completion along with a crown.

Happy Passover 

Pesach at King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation was a smashing success. So much work and so much effort was put into it by all departments, but it was well worth it. Thank you King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation for being such an awesome team!


Residents of Harlem Center enjoyed watching Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with a pizza party and hosted a raffle for Wakanda Forever t-shirts!


Celebrated a New York Knicks playoff victory on a beautiful day! Now holding open try-outs at King David Center 🏀


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority visited the residents and played a fun round of Bingo!

Nursing Home Week

Staff and residents enjoy Nursing Home Week celebrations filled with lunches, ice cream, happy hour, and plenty of entertainment.


Senator Persauds stopped by Linden Center to host a mobile event.


🇰🇪 Visit from Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko of the Maasai Village 🇰🇪

Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko and a fellow member of the tribe, John Kilenyi Ole Parsitau came to Harlem Center to explain about the Maasai village, culture, food and language. They showcased items and traditions from their native Kenya 🇰🇪 . John showed us how to count in Swahili and joined Chief Joseph in song, dazzling both residents and staff. We look forward to having them back at Harlem Center on their next trip to the U.S.

Culture and representation are important elements in our facilities. We are so grateful to have opportunities, like this, to share cultures and bring our residents and staff together, because Together, We Are Allure!

Blue Carpet Farewell

It is truly a special occasion at Crown Heights Center when we get to roll out the blue carpet to honor the return of our cherished residents to their own homes after their rehabilitation journey with us. Congratulations to those who are returning home! We will miss you, but we are so proud of you!

😎 ☀️ 🌑 Solar Eclipse Watch  🌑 ☀️😎

Staff and residents gathered outside to witness the solar eclipse together! 😎 ☀️ 🌑

🎂 April Birthday Celebrations at Harlem Center 🎂

Residents and staff had fun with the electric slide dance during April birthday celebrations 🎉

🌸 Happy Spring 🌸

Harlem Center residents enjoyed a tea party, the beautiful spring weather and arts and crafts activities!

Hamilton Park Center residents welcomed spring with Chinese dancers with a beautiful performance!


☘️ St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations ☘️

Residents and staff wore green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with lots of smiles🌈🇮🇪
☘️ Hamilton Park residents enjoyed Chinese dancers and entertainment ☘️
☘️ Linden Center residents enjoyed musical entertainment alongside arts & crafts ☘️
☘️ Crown Heights Center staff had delicious Irish Soda Bread! ☘️

🐰 Happy Easter 🐣

Residents celebrated Easter with delicious food and some Easter crafts 🐣

85th Birthday Celebrations at Crown Heights Center

Join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone as our beloved resident, Juanita, turns 85! 🎉 Happy Birthday, Juanita!

Chinese Programs

Residents at Hamilton Park enjoy the Chinese program.

Resident Game Days at Linden Center

From playing Bingo to the Price is Right – Residents had a fun March!

International Women’s Day Celebrations

Celebrating the strength, resilience, and achievements of the incredible women here at Crown Heights Center this International Women’s Day! 🩷

Debra Besson(purple) and Rose Moses(pink) are two lovely women we celebrated during this year’s International Women’s Day at Crown Heights Center! 💐

Allure Employee Appreciation

Enjoy what you do and enjoy who you do it with! We are thankful today and everyday for our staff and the meaningful relationships we all have cultivated.

Social Workers Month at Allure

Allure celebrates all Social Workers during Social Work Month 2024!
Please meet our fabulous Directors of Social Work:
Elizabeth Hills of Harlem Center, Danielle Russo of Crown Heights, Elisa Brown of Linden Center, and Melissa Zamora of King David Center

Linden Center CEU Event

What a night!! Thank you to everyone who came out to our Linden Center CEU event

Seniors: Be Sure To Make Informed Decisions About Your End-Of-Life Care

In a recent article in Healthcare Business Today, Melissa Powell writes,

Confronting the topic of end-of-life is undeniably difficult. It’s an inherently sensitive and emotionally charged subject that many people (myself included) struggle to think about and discuss with others. However, for older adults, end-of-life care is such a vital part of their healthcare journey — and this demands setting aside feelings of avoidance and reluctance to engage in important discussions to ensure they’re receiving the care that’s aligned with their values and preferences..”

Click here to read the full article.

You Can’t Have Effective Healthcare Without Clinical Collaboration

In a recent article in McKnights, Joel Landau writes,

“There exists an undeniable truth within the healthcare sector: the delivery of effective healthcare is heavily dependent on collaboration among clinical professionals.

This axiom is especially pertinent in the senior care industry, which has experienced significant transformations due to technological advancements, demographic shifts and evolving patient needs. Despite these changes, the pivotal role of clinical collaboration in securing optimal care outcomes steadfastly remains..”

Click here to read the full article.


Staying connected with your loved ones is one of the best things you can do for your mental wellbeing.

If you or someone you know would like to offer virtual entertainment to our residents in the form of music, dance or even painting classes, email us at and let us know!